Expertise in passive protective solutions against electromagnetic radiation and wireless technologies.

Protective against long-distance digital

spying, data theft and interception
private-, business-, official data- and information protection

  • shielded office room
  • shielded business room
  • shielded server room
  • defense against wireless EMI RF (WIFI, RFID, NFC, SRD, WLAN, 2G GSM, 3G UMTS, 4G LTE, 5G, BT, GPS), INFRA, THERMO, ACOUSTIC and LASER technologies

Electromagnetic Pulse protection EMP (HEMP, NEMP,NNEMP), IEMI, HPM

defense against burst- and interference devices (professional or DIY)

  • security systems
  • control room, Operations Center
  • data centers
  • communication devices (phones, tablets, laptopos, IoT, etc.)
  • controlled devices
  • drives, storage Media (flash drive, SSD, external hard drives)

Shielded datasafes and tools

modular composition

  • EWAP box
  • shielded cabinets
  • shielded boxes
  • portable briefcase and containers
  • faraday tents
  • car shielding

EMC/EMI shielding materials

modular distribution

  • EMC/EMI displays and conductive transparent sheets
  • insulating panels
  • shielding gaskets, fingerstrips
  • absorbers and ferrites
  • textile seals and gaskets
  • elastomers

Additional services and solutions

  • design and planning
  • implementation
  • consulting
  • training and competence development


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